Yum Yum Tables

Monday, November 01, 2010

   Hello my sweet world out there!!!  My name is Nicole and I have started Yum Yum Tables with the hopes of inspiring the world on how to create simple, delicious and oh so cute dessert tables.  I know, I know, some may say “this is a trend and will blow over soon…” but with so much inspiration out there, I can’t seem to run out of design possibilities.

    My motto is SIMPLE.YUMMY.PRETTY… and yes, in that same order.  If you keep colors and designs simple, each dessert table or candy buffet can be pulled together seamlessly and not look thrown together.  Cause lets face it, anyone can put M&M’s or little pastries on a table and call it a DESSERT TABLE.  But hello, that bag of multicolored peanut M&M’s and confetti cupcakes may not be the best compliment to a Pretty in Pink wedding theme.
    On to YUMMY… who wants a sweet table filled with desserts that don’t taste good?  Not, me =/ Indulge yourself with childhood favorites that everyone can enjoy.  Not everyone is into vanilla covered, tapioca filled petit fours… pretty-yes, expensive-maybe, getting the cold shoulder by your guests-probably.  And last but not least, use pretty paper, fabrics and server ware to display your yummy treats.  Stick to these simple steps and you’re sure to come up with a gorgeous dessert table filled with delicious sweets that everyone can enjoy!

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Setting the Mood said...

What a cute name! I love all that you have posted so far! I can't wait to see what you have in store next!

HiLLjO said...

I love the way you work. Just thumbing through all your posts so far seeing the process. You have a really nice professionality to you and your work while you're still you. Love it girl.